Adapt, Survive, Thrive!


For many years, brick and mortar business have been on a decline due to competition from big box retailers and amazon. But while many have failed to adapt and have gone out of businesses, smart owners and entrepreneurs have systemized their operations using existing technology or creating their own. Many others have jumped online to reach new customers and sell or enhance their unique products/services through Amazon, Facebook, Shopify, WooCommerce, and more! These businesses have managed to adapt, survive, and even thrive!


Take Your Business Online!

Meet Fitness Girl Bootcamp, an all-women's fitness bootcamp in Mission Hills, CA.

Prior to working with us, Fitness Girl Bootcamp was processing payments using manual systems (cash, check, credit card payments) and subscriptions. Not only were these manual processes causing Marisol, Fitness Girl Bootcamp's sole owner, a ton of headaches, but an audit of the business found that many clients had stopped making payments,