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Reaching audiences on Social Media is very different than on any other platform and growing increasingly difficult. Quality used to mean having production value (great lighting, cameras, directors, etc) and access to a distribution channel (TV, radio, print, etc.). While many multi-million dollar companies spend millions of dollars on planning, producing, and advertising videos to ensure people hear their message and know their brand, most businesses and individuals simply don't have that type of money. Lucky for them, they don't have to.

The "value" and "quality" of content has changed.

Technology has given access to regular people to become content creators. This has changed everything. Videos made on cell phones now have the potential to reach millions of people organically (virally or word of mouth). The right message, delivered to the right people, is worth a lot more than a "well-produced" video from Hollywood and a million dollar advertising budget ever could.  

Breaking into this new industry is difficult, but those who know how to use the tools at their disposal can build audiences, influence, wealth, and fame, with very little up front investment. Are you ready to invest?

Here's where Orange Creative Studio comes in. 

Orange Creative Studio is lead by Eddie Garcia, an award-winning entertainer and social media thought leader who has built multiple 100,000+ platforms, worked with some of today's biggest social media stars in front and behind the scenes, and consulted for multi-billion dollar corporations and non-profits on content strategy and creation. Whether you are trying to start a personal channel or create a content studio, let Eddie guide you in growing your platform, formulating a social media strategy, and/or creating content that resonates with people to build brand (corporate or personal) awareness.

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